• Every night at eight o’clock
    the same things happen.
  • “Time for bed,” Mommy says.
    “Time for bed, sleepyhead!”
  • But, to my surprise,
    to my fright,
  • something is wrong
    this starry night!
  • What happened to the moon
    and how do you fix it?
  • That’s one little girl’s
  • She’s determined to let
    God know so he can repair it...
  • before her bedtime.

Production Credits

Monique B. Martin


The Moon Is Broken! is author Monique B. Martin’s first children’s story, which was inspired by her daughter, Taylor.

Brian Flotte Jr.


Brian Flotte Jr. is a multimedia artist from New Orleans, Louisiana and this is Brian’s first illustrated story.

Freret Media Group LLC


Welcome to the official webpage for our new children's book, "The Moon Is Broken!"

Ericka Boston, Editor

Music by Tyra Flotte  



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